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Legal Case Against Red Light Cameras

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Arnold resident makes the ATS scumbag feel about 2 inches tall as crowd cheers!

Washington, MO gets rid of Red Light Cameras. See Ron Battelle practically begging the council to not vote on this. LOL!

Chief Dan Isom, St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay, and ATS Attorney Ed Dowd attempt to lie and obfuscate the fact there is no real penalty because these are illegal citations.

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We created this page in order to better arm activists with tools in which to do battle. To win this fight once and for all, you need to be active and armed with information. Use this page for that purpose and share it among your friends and family so that they can each be a participant in the defeat of Tyranny!

Useful Info

What happens if you challenge a Photo Enforcement violation?
When the photo violations are challenged, the prosecutions are typically dismissed in Municipal Court, or if appealed dismissed in Circuit Court. In fact, in Arnold, Missouri, the City Prosecutor has never even shown up to prosecute a single Photo Enforcement appeal in Jefferson County Circuit Court. Why? Because the legal fees to pay his fees are more than the City makes from the ticket. In other words, they lose money, and when that happens, the truth emerges about that they really care about. It's not safety but rather dollars in the coffers of the city. In Washington, Missouri, a single appeal cost the City $1,300 in legal fees in their unsuccessful attempt to collect their portion of the $100 ticket.

Why are the cases just dismissed?
This is done in order to prevent a defendant’s ability to have the standing to appeal the unlawful scam to the Missouri appellate courts because standing is lost as soon as the case is dismissed. This ensures that there is no way that the law will get to the Supreme Court where it is likely to be struck down. EXAMPLE: The dicta in the City of Springfield v. Belt decision: Springfield v. Belt decision makes it rather clear that the ordinances being struck down is indeed what would happen should the issue reach the high court, and municipalities with these systems have a vested interest in ensuring this never happens and puts their cash cow out to pasture. It is for this reason, that these systems MUST be stopped legislatively by the Missouri General Assembly. The time to act is NOW!

A Personal Story of Photo Extortion from a WrongOnRed supporter.

Last year, I received a ticket in the mail from a red light camera in St. Peters, Mo. It was my car - but not me driving. In St Peters they are required to have a pic of the driver in order to issue the violation.

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A story about my Arnold Red Light Camera ticket.

I recieved a "Notice of Violation" from the Arnold Police Department in December, 2009 in the mail, informing me that my Chevy Trailblazer had ran a red light at the intersection of Hwy. 141 and Jeffco Blvd.

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