Not since the days of Al Capone and Old Chicago has the Mid-West seen a racket like Photo-Enforcement. Until now, the scam has only been threatened by a loosely organized group of ardent patriots and the few honorable elected representatives that the Photo-Enforcement corporations had not been able to buy off. That is all about to change...

Our goal is the passage in the Missouri General Assembly of a complete prohibition on all Photo-Enforcement systems installed or operated by any political subdivision on ANY roadway within the Great State of Missouri.

Caught on Camera!

Do they really make us safer?

Red Light Camera Map

Political Leaders who Need to Hear From You

Please take the time to find your elected representative in your area and send him or her an email right away concerning Red Light Cameras. They are being influenced constantly by highly paid lobbyist from the Camera companies and need to hear from the people they represent. Please be courteous and pleasent when contacting them.

Speaker of the House
Steven Tilley

Maj. Leader Tim Jones

Senate Pro-Tem
Robert Mayer

Senate Maj. Leader
Tom Dempsey